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Birth To My Creation Lyrics

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Birth To My Creation Lyric

Frankenstein Cast Lyrics
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Birth To My Creation Frankenstein:


Witness God in his heaven and play


A most singular magnificent display!

An electrifying tapestry,
if it could only be controlled.
The sheer strength and the majesty...
Think of the power we could hold!

I want the world to see
Where my research has led.
Electricity's the key
To reanimate the dead!

I could rid the world of sickness
man would live in perfect health!
And only violence would cut short
this gift worth more than wealth

No consumption!
No cancer!
No lepers, cripples, gout.
In my hands I'll hold the answer
to what life is all about!

At Ingolstadt I'll have the means
to walk where few have trod!
I'll discover the secrets between
the alchemists and God!

(voice-over journal entries about the experiment run together)

Prometheus dared to steal fire from gods
to lift mankind from sorrow.
And just as the myth,
my mission is this:
To write a new tomorrow!

My endless days of study and toil
are finally near fruition.
The world will be forever changed
by history's physician(?)

The purest plasma!
Coursing freely,
Through artery and vein!
The finest tissue,
the perfect body,
Muscle, bone, and brain!

This storm will peak,
and the heavens part,
to fire my preparations.
The needed shock to start this heart
giving birth to my creation!

And now it's come,
the moment is right,
to awaken my creation!
I'll show the world,
this very night,
the way to man's salvation!

[Thanks to Dustin Bell for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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