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Up Here In Heaven

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Up Here In Heaven Song Lyrics

Fame Becomes Me Soundtrack - Musical, 2007
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Up Here In Heaven Gimme a C a "bouncy" C

Up here in Heaven at the Pearly Gates
I get to choose through all the showbiz greats
They mix with guys and gals from history
Oy, The cast of characters you just might see

Sampson and Delilah's act has got to be seen
with sets by Michael Angelo, who's a screaming queen
Joan of Arc is really one hot chic
Milton Burle's prepared to show us his enormous resume
Henry the 8th is still a ladies man
But he cannot compare to Marcia Dianne
My 13 ex wives, they're all here
But tonight I have a hot date with Golde Meyer

??? Hasn't heard a word I've said
Wayne Newton is living but his act is dead
??? trying to get out of child support
and I just hear some lightening at a ???

Cane and Abel are my CPA's
Just got a hand job from Helen Hayes
Jerry Garcia brought a little grass
And I caught Liberace checking out my ass

??loves her tootsy roles
and Moses just can't put down those ditzy scrolls

?? Ethel Merman Coz she held that note
and Noah still insists he never touched that goat!
Elvis Presley is still packin' on the pounds
J Edgar Hoover just ??? his gowns
Sophie Tucker likes putting on a show
and Lincoln has a crush on poor Sal Mineo

Al Capone's still runnin' from the IRS
And Jackie O still wants to auction off on the dress
The Earl of Sandwich is one hell on a cook
Judy Garland hasn't peaked yet from those pills she took

I think Helen Keller told me she's a Les
But I can't understand a single word she says

Down there on Earth I was in debt and indepenz'
But up here in Heaven
up here in Heaven
up here in Heaven your number never ends

[Thanks to Brigid for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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