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All I Ask ( Is You Love Me )

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All I Ask ( Is You Love Me ) Song Lyrics

Fame Becomes Me Soundtrack - Musical, 2007
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All I Ask ( Is You Love Me ) [Marty]
All I ask
Is you love me
And like me as well
I'm desperate for attention
And I'm needy as hell

All I ask is you want me
For make no mistake
That my ego needs support
The way John Goodman needs cake

I've worked in theatre
And movies
My life's been a smash
But I still crave more laughter,
More applause, and more cash

Last night my wife told me this
Just before she yelled "no!"
If you need nightly stroking,
Do a one man show!

So I ask you to praise me
And make me feel swell
Your laughter is like water
Down a botomless well
And I'd like a new Tony
To put on that shelf

So don't be apprehensive
'Cause Botox is expensive
Just love me
Even more than I love...

[singing poorly]

Damn this New York altitude! Let's try that top note one mo' time, shall we?

Even more than I love

[Thanks to Cary for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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