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Stepbrother to Jesus Lyrics

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Stepbrother to Jesus Lyric

Martin Short Lyrics
Fame Becomes Me Soundtrack - Musical, 2007
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Stepbrother to Jesus GARY CHRIST:

My father Joseph
Before he met the Virgin Mary
He loved my mother
On some would be Christmas Night

But darkness covers
What in daylight sure looked scary
Mother was a leper
And that ain't a pretty sight

And so he left her
But she still had his love inside her
So on her one good leg


She crawled to Galilee

There were no wise men
With gifts of gold and myrrh beside her
When nine months later out came me!

'Cause I'm the

Step brother to Jesus

I may be a bastard
But the ladies seem to ladies seem to like it

Step brother to Jesus

My pappy may not live up in heaven above
But i'm the

Step brother to Jesus

I sing so loud that you don't need to mic it
I'm God's gift to a lady for a night of love

Step brother to Jesus

A night of love

Step brother to Jesus

A night of love

Step brother to Jesus (x4)

What's the big deal about raising the dead?

[Thanks to Sarah for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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