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Strut Song Lyrics

The Cheetah Girls
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Strut You can breath in the music the city makes
Move by the rythm the gypsies play
Deep inside it comes alive

There is a whisper that feeds the soul
Words so beautiful like a spanish rose
Till you hypnotize thats when you arrive

[intrumental break}

You got to strut like you mean it
Free your mind
It's not enough just to dream it
Come on, come on.
Get up when you feel it
It's your chance to shine
Strut like you mean it
Come on, come on, come on, yeah.
Oh, oh, oh, yeah.

Pounding the pavement, kickin through the streets
So wonder like picso in the barcelona heat
Passion is the fasion and life is poetry
Welcome to another world
Where every heart can beat(ow,ow)

In a different tempo
There's never a wrong one
(never a wrong one(never a wrong one))
Building to a crecendo
You know the journeys just begun (ah,ah,ah)


Hey feel the flow
When you just can't move no more(no more)
The city wants to show(aha) you something(something),something (something)
A heart unfolds(unfolds) that you would never know (never know)
Barcelona's soul(uh) says something (something)good is coming,
Its coming, yeah
Everybody knows that something good is coming on


You got to strut.....

Bienvenidas esto es mi sueno
Come on, come on, get up!
Siganme y descubre mi barcelona
Stand! Come on, come on!
Bienvenidas esto es mi sueno
Come on, come on... [fading]

[thanks to ny_coolgrl352 for lyrics]

[thanks to heather, jessica for corrections]
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