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It's Over Lyrics

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It's Over Lyric

The Cheetah Girls Lyrics
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It's Over Four voices perfectly blending right from the start.
Oh, I'm afraid that it's ending, and my world is falling apart.

It's over, and I feel so alone,
This is a sadness I've never known.
How did I let the sweetest of dreams slip away?
And I'm afraid the hurt is here to stay.

Promises made, not meant to be broken from a long time ago.
Oh, so many words still unspoken, tell me how I was to know.

It's over, (it's over,) never thought it would be.
Why in the world did this happen to me?
How could I let the sweetest of dreams slip away?
And I'm afraid the hurt is here to stay.

I go round and round and round in my head,
Wanting to take back whatever I said, (whatever I said.)
No one was right, (no one was right,)
We all made mistakes, (we all made mistakes,)
I'm ready to do whatever it takes.
Please, don't let it be

Over, no, this is not how it ends,
I need my sisters, my family, my friends.
Don't wanna let the sweetest of dreams slip away, (the dreams slip away.)
'Cause if it's over, then the hurt is here to say.
(Don't let it be over.)
Please don't let it be over.
Please don't let it be over.
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