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It's Gonna Be Alright

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It's Gonna Be Alright Song Lyrics

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It's Gonna Be Alright It's gonna be alright
Everything is getting better
It's all gonna work out in time

Whatever the problem
You know I'll come runnin' when you call
You can ask for the moon
Nothing's too big or too small

I've been there before, sulking behind a closed door
Feelin' all alone
Don't you worry
The dark gets lighter
I just want you to know

It's gonna be alright
Everything is getting better
It's all gonna work out in time
It's gonna be alright
We're gonna make it together
Everything will turn out fine

Whenever the tear drops
Don't let the hope stop in your life
THings happen for reasons
And change with the seasons
So don't cry

When the world's on the overload
YOu're shivering from the cold
KNow this to be true
YOu know that time heals all wounds
This I promise you


The sun will rise as sure as there's A DAY TIME
DOn't worry 'bout a thing....in time you're gonna see
Your life is everything you make it
The hard times never last
Trust in your heart and don't look back

[CHORUS (repeat 3x)]

[Thanks to Sara for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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