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YBN Nahmir - Regardless lyrics

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Regardless by YBN Nahmir

(Cook that sh*t up, West)
(West, you killing it-killing it-killing it-killing it-killing it)
They told me
They gon' hate regardless, dog, just do your sh*t
All the bullsh*t, stay above it, dog, just stack your chips (Stack your chips)
Think about investments when you stack a bit (Stack a bit)
'Cause niggas dying and they ain't leaving they babies sh*t (They babies sh*t)
'90s baby, my persona be on '86 (On '86)
Go crazy with the soda, stretch it, make it flip (Make it flip)
Quick to go from the shoulders, we was known to trip (Known to trip)
Shout out my soldiers, 7th to 65th
Sliding, I got Baby Goon with me with me (Goon with me)
Young nigga, he just trying to get in tune with me (Tune with me)
We can win (On gang), but you gotta learn to love with me (Lose with me)
'Cause niggas show the real when situation's sticky
You my dog, you ain't got one, you can hold the blicky (Hold the blicky)
I know sh*t hot, 'cause where I'm from, you'd rather get caught with than without (With than without)
I'ma say, "My bros wanna fight", I f**k with the Hen' now
Go when they say my girlfriend trippin', need a new b**ch now
Stand-up niggas don't never sit down
Die for my pride, dying inside, drink got me sick now
Can't coincide, we outside, ride on your clique now
He gotta die, Instagram banging, boy, where them sticks now? (Sticks now)
Police mad that all my sh*t legit now (My sh*t legit now)
Like, "How he in L.A.?", that boy, he rich now (That boy, he rich now)
Need that S600 with limo tints now (With limo tints now)
I'm in the back getting blunted while getting topped down (While getting topped down)
You didn't want me then, she throw that box now (She throw that box now)
Wasn't worth sh*t, I'm worth a lot now (I'm worth a lot now)
Was trying to ball and niggas had me boxed out (Had me boxed out)
f**ked around and got that rock, now watch me ball out (Watch me ball out)
Can't hold back sh*t, I'ma go all out (I'ma go all out)
Hold 56, know I be banging with my pole out (with my pole out)
Don't come 'round playing, we lift the soul out you (We lift the soul out you)
Don't come 'round here, b**ch, we don't know 'bout you (We lift the soul out you, huh?)

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