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YBN Nahmir - Politics lyrics

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Politics by YBN Nahmir

Gang, gang, gang, gang...
Man what the f**k? Niggas already know what the f**k goin' on, man
I ain't with none of that internet talking, man
Niggas know where the f**k I stay at
If it was up with niggas, niggas would've been blew that b**ch down
Niggas is pussy, on my momma nigga
Be for real, leave the internet gangster
When I seen him up in traffic, caught him and he ran (b**ch)
Niggas really don't want smoke, they talking for the 'Gram (Brrra)
Tryna get they clout up, they mention me like fans (Gang)
'Til we hop out with them blowers, blow 'em like a fan (Baow, baow, baow)
Niggas talk that hot sh*t when I'm out of town (When I'm out of town)
But when I touch back down, none these niggas 'round (Gang, gang)
I be talking cash sh*t, I got a bag now (b**ch)
But if a nigga think I'm pussy, I'ma lay 'em down (Brrra)
I'm in LA f**king all these hoes, I'm dizzy (I'm dizzy)
I'm up now, they doin' what I say like a sensei (Like a)
My sh*t hit like a nigga hit a checkmate (Ha)
And b**ches know me, I'm still bouncing out with them Big K's (Brrra-bah-bah-bah)
When I'm in town, I'm on the East, and I ain't ducking sh*t (Ducking sh*t)
Niggas talking, we the ones that be sparking sticks (b**ch)
Niggas make that lil' diss but ain't sparking sh*t (Gang, gang)
Boy you pussy, yeah we know you stay in Hoover, b**ch (Brrra, brrra)
Brodie told 'em drop a pin, where them niggas stay? (Niggas stay)
I'm on the train with number 5, he hit you in the face (You niggas, ha)
Fake beefin', well you need to put that mop up (Put that mop up)
Boy them shooters come around and really mop ya (Grrra, grrra, grrra)
Nigga on yo' dead homie, I ain't ran from sh*t (Ran from sh*t)
If a nigga say I did, he a lyin' b**ch (b**ch)
Beat them b**ches up, you niggas wasn't stopping sh*t (Stupid b**ch)
If I was there, I would've let off that whole clip (Brrra-bah-bah-bah)
Wave hoppin', well, y'all need to ride another wave ('Nother wave)
And y'all was all on my dick with "Rubbin' off the Paint" (Nigga sick)
That sh*t dropped and a nigga hit a hundred K (b**ch)
That's why they mad, 'cause they wanna be up in my place (In my place, nigga)
But no you can't, and I'm the one that's f**king b**ches now (f**king b**ches now)
All that recordin', yeah, you niggas steady snitchin' now (You niggas gay)
Keep on talking with that .40, I bet he finna drown (Brrra)
Benz was talking until they popped his ass in In-N-Out (Brrra-bah-bah-bah)
I say I'm good in the 'Ham, let a nigga play (Let him play)
So you can catch me over Huffman, over Twin Gates (Huh)
It's RIP Cam and for Quay I count big face (Out my face)
These niggas still talking with no bullets in them AK's (Gang, gang, gang)
Niggas talking 'til they see that black Nissan (b**ch)
I ain't never seen these b**ches or these peons (Hell nah)
I broke that lil' b**ch hard, I can't keep mines (Stupid b**ch)
I can't go to Florida, sike, nigga I'll be fine (Gang, gang, gang)
I'm goin' to Houston, know a nigga got the mob ties (b**ch)
These niggas really only hard on IG Live (Huh)
I'm locked in, in this hell, if you touch me, nigga (If you touch me nigga)
These niggas only act hard when they niggas wit' 'em (These niggas weird)
Shoutout Day Day, shoutout Bam, them my niggas, nigga (Them my niggas)
Any nigga touch Jay, I'm really tripping nigga (Brrra)
Touch Glizzy lil' b**ch, then I'm on yo' ass (Off rip)
And off rip, I leave you in that body bag
You think just 'cause we up them M's we ain't shootin' niggas (What)
Okay we on that, when we see him then, stupid nigga (Stupid ass nigga)
All my niggas earned them stripes, now we too official (For real)
That's yo' homie, he gon' die too, what he doin' with you?
Smokin' dody, thinkin' 'bout my brodie, nigga know I miss him
Blow for brodie, you get smoked for Kobe, yeah, who want a issue?
Used to wake up early mornings and we on a mission (On a mission)
Sittin' in yo' whip, hollow go right through and hit him (Baow)
Lil' bro do a hit him (Hit him), you must think we kiddin' (Kiddin')
Homie ain't no killer (Huh), that sh*t don't even fit him
And I'm rockin' fitted, Mike Amiri denim (Mike Amiri denim)
This b**ch stuffed up in 'em, buy down independent (Buy down independent)
b**ch I'm comin' wit' it, buy down independent (Ayy, ayy)
Two-hundred, all twenties (Twenties), three-hundred, all fifties (All fifties)
I got a safe house (Safe house), hundreds all in it (All in it)
And I got a playhouse (Playhouse), pull up all b**ches (All b**ches)
We the ones yelled that gang sh*t, now y'all all wit' it (All wit' it)
You wasn't the only one on that bang sh*t, nigga, we all did it
Ain't gon' know it, when we tell him change you, we got a language (We got a language)
Take No Limit out your name, b**ch, you gotta change it (You gotta change it)
Think you recognize the game, b**ch I'm finna strange it (Finna strange it)
Wear that hat wrong on the nine, pussy rearrange it (Rearrange it)
So much power in that .45, I just call it Range Rover
Need a hour or like forty-five, changin', nothin' major, nigga (Need a hour)
Now gon' and tell me somethin'
When you hear them engines down the street, b**ch you can tell we comin'
When I'm in that pussy, say she feel it in her bellybutton
By the way that we approach the scene, b**ch you can tell we cluthin'
You, wouldn't, know the half my dawg
I keep poppin' Perkys back to back, these ain't no Adderalls
Yeah I heard yo' favorite rapper tank, that sh*t ain't slap at all
Free the new ones outside, I'm comin' back for y'all
I bet all that money in your shoebox, you can't f**k with me
Talkin' to myself like you my nigga, I keep me company
I ain't even been in the club for not a minute, b**ches humpin' me
Oh you claim you you down to ride, b**ch hold this gun for me
I ain't never runnin' from no smoke, b**ch I be out too much
If my nigga name on black and white, then I can't back him up
I done gave them boys enough of time, they wasn't fast enough
b**ch come over here and make it bounce, I like that ratchet stuff
b**ch come over here and make it shake, I like that ratchet sh*t
If we catch them niggas up in traffic, let them ratchets spit
Pussy boy thought he was first in line, you in the back of it
It be the niggas talkin' 'bout they up, don't got a rack to spend
Woke up mad as f**k, just popped a pill, I think I'm happy now
Talkin' 'bout that sh*t up on the floor, then bring the rackets out
'Member I was broke as every joke, ain't no more laughin' now
Ganglato in the blunt, sh*t hittin' harder, this sh*t Pacquiao
Postin' politics up on the 'net, how is you niggas street?
Every other day I question God, like why my nigga leave?
A nigga touch my chain, it's goin' down just like a Nitti beat
Why you wastin' mud up on the floor? That's for my nigga Sheed
Smokin' gas and pourin' out Hennessy, that's for my nigga too
Valet nigga tried to park the whip, I told that nigga "Move"
Ridin' wit' the chopper in the front, this b**ch as big as you
And all the real niggas ain't dead, b**ch I'm the livin' proof, b...

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