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Wyclef Jean

Song Texts

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Album: New Songs

Album: If I Were President: The Haitian Experience (2011)

Album: Carnival Ii: Memoirs Of An Immigrant (2007)

Album: Carnival Vol. II: Memoirs Of An Immigrant (2007)

Album: The Second Wind (2007)

Album: Welcome To Haiti Creole 101 (2004)

Album: Greatest Hits (2003)

Album: The Preacher'S Son (2003)

Album: Wyclef Jean: Greatest Hits (2003)

Album: Masquerade (2002)

Album: Ecleftic-2 Sides II A Book (2000)

Album: The Ecleftic * 2 Sides II A Book (2000)

Bus Search (Instrumental)
Columbia Records (Instrumental)

Album: Carnival (1997)

Album: Cheated (To All The Girls) Single

Album: Other Songs

24 Heures A Vivre
25 To Life
Angie Martinez (feat. Lil 'Mo & Sacario)
Another One Bites The Dust
Belly Dance
Blood Is Thicker Than Wather
Bounce (feat. sarah connor)
Bubble Goose Ft. The South Park Kids
Bubblegoose (another version)
Bubblegoose (Bakin' Cake Version)
Bubblegoose (South Park Kids Rmx)
Bubblegoose (south park)
Bubblegoose (with south park kids)
Cards never lie
Carribean connection
Cheated (R&B Remix)
Chickenhead (Icerider Remix)
Closing arguments
Coast 2 Coast
Da industry
Dance like this
Dance like this ft. claudette ortiz
David banner
Enter The Carnival
Gangsta Cause
Gone 'Til November (Pop Version)
Gone till novemeber
Hips Don't Lie (Featuring Shakira)
I'm The Only Gay Eskimo
If i was president
If I Was President, (Chappelle's Show Version)
In The Zone
Kenny rogers - pharoache monch dub plate
Killer M.C.
Lie detector
Low income (feat. beast and 718 crew)
Maria Maria
Men In Blue (No Airplay)
Million Voices
New Day
New Day (Pop Radio Edit)
No Airplay
No Woman No Cry
No woman no cry (remix)
Nu Flow
One Night Stand/ Sarah Connor
One Nigte Stand
Pablo diablo
Party Like I Parry
Party to damascus (feat. missy elliott)
Party to damascus (remix) (featuring missy elliott)
Party to damascus(includ hebrew words)
Perfect Gentelmen
Pharoahe Monch Dub Plate
Redemption Song
Rumble In The Jungle
Someone please call 911
Stripper song
Suavemente Feat. Angie Martinez
The Heart Gently Weeps
The Industry (Remix)
The Streets Are Like A Jungle
Thug Angel
To zion
Two wrongs (featuring claudette ortiz of city high)
Two Wrongs (So So Def Remix)
Wake Up Everybody
What a night
Wheres Fugees At?
You Say Keep It Gansta
Your Love (L.o.v.e. Reggae Mix)

Album: Promo Only Urban Radio September 1998

Album: R&B

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