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Music Video

Lighthouse Lyrics

by Wingdom


Lighthouse Song Lyrics

Lighthouse by Wingdom

There's no coastline anywhere
Just me and restless sea
I'm taken by the current
That's slowly killing me
I'm drowning in a fear
Got no strength to hang on
As I see the fading surface
I'll slowly close my eyes

I'm floating in a void
I'm afraid it's all in vain, there's no reason
Why should I go on?
I thought I would never fall
I had it all, never needed more
Still I couldn't save myself
From this gradual fading
At times I feel you should save me
Cleanse me from my sin, let me rest by the spring
Of living water
Change my life, heal me, without you I would only
Give it up and die

Far away I can see the lighthouse shining
So far away I feel that I have drifted
But I know, there's no place on earth where you
Wouldn't find me
No such darkness where your light wouldn't be shining

Surrounded by the waves with chains around my feet
I'm craving for a freedom that would release me
In the distant sky I see a shade of light
That light begins to rise but I'll slowly close my eyes

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