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Music Video


by Wingdom


Everyday Song Lyrics

Everyday by Wingdom

Yesterday, I grew up learning how to live alone
It was my way and I thought I'd never need someone
Until I found the one

Lonely steps, that are still echoing in my head
The remains, images of the words that once were said
Nothing but in vain

Ever since the day you came to me
You filled my life with grace and beauty
I was so happy that I cried, because you took away
My wasted heart
You brought me out from the land of fear
Never let me to disappear
Now I see another footprints
Painted on the sand next to mine
With you I go, through the rain and through the
Light of sun
No shade of gray, when you're by my side your
Love will make me whole
No I'm not alone
And everyday, I wake up knowing you will never go
I'm not afraid, the more I know you the more I can
Be sure
Yes, I've found the one


I've come so far without you
Through thousand tears I've cried
To find a love so special
That would carry beyond this lifetime
It wasn't just a feeling
I think it was more like a real thing
To have this kind of confrontation
Knowing you'll be with me everyday

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