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Nightfall over auschwitz Lyrics

by Warbreed


Nightfall over auschwitz Song Lyrics

Nightfall over auschwitz by Warbreed

Auschwitz lies now still and silent
The real Mordor under the moon
Petrified eyes that stare in the darkness
They stare at an empty room
A hall of pain, of blame, insane
Where blood was spilled and will be again
The lair of the ravening Zyklon B
The dragon that awakes from it's sleep

"Soon the HCN will enter their lungs and end their lives
And with their blood we'll dye our banners"

The legions wait for the crowning of a new age
For that frantic voice that flames with anger
One child stands in the middle of the appellplatz
Crying over a lifeless form
His mother simply could not bear the pressure
So she violently threw herself
Right against the electric fence
That surrounds this whole damn place
Strange how her old friends licked their lips
At the smell of her own cooked flesh

Horror - The face of terror
Horror - There must be some kind of
Error - Sadistic intentions
Armageddon - The new order calls
... And you'd better heed the call
Listen now, the hordes are marching

Shame shows itself in the face of an inmate
Who was forced to enter the lair
The wyrm sleeps peacefully in the shadows
So the Jew pokes about the remains
Looks for golden teeth and shiny hair
Their former owners gently donate
His task means a passport for survival
Though his faith is undermined by the stench

"When nature calls, we heed her call
Obliteration to the aberrations that debase our untainted blood"

The legions are marching
They are all praising and heiling by
Not knowing that their new order
Is in fact utter disorder

[Repeat chorus]

The Endlösung has arrived,
So you'd better pack your things and run
Undying nightfall has arrived
Flee now, be gone, now

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