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Farewell, germania (...of glory and decay - part iii) Lyrics

by Warbreed


Farewell, germania (...of glory and decay - part iii) Song Lyrics

Farewell, germania (...of glory and decay - part iii) by Warbreed

[Adolf Hitler]
The end has taken me by surprise
I found myself lost among snakes in the grass
And now that I sense my doom is near
I can see that almost no one's left by my side

My love for Thee is endless
But your sons have been most ungrateful
They turned their backs on their own leader
Denying all that we believe in

It all began with that hard-hearted Russian winter
All those dear Germans laid to rest in that godless land
They died alone in the cold, in the darkness
It is now that I know there'll be no Valhalla for them

Not every war on two fronts is bound to end in failure
It's your lack of faith that brought the storm
No matter what you say, you've betrayed your very own selves
And once again as always... I'm alone. Alone! Oh no!

My long-dreamed empire torn asunder
El Alemein, Normandy and Stalingrad: three mortal wounds
The reds are swiftly approaching Berlin
May this bunker be my haven from those barbarian hordes

You have spent many hours asking the heavens
That they may send you a new messiah
But then you have him in front of you
And you betray him: such is your nature

In the darkest hour of all my existence
Only a few remained faithful to their guiding light
Oh, my dear Eva, you really love me
I'd be honoured if you married me and stayed by my side

On the thirtieth day of April, 1945
After marrying his mistress Eva Braun
And formally leaving the Nazi party

He came to a hard decision
Since the end was close at hand
That day he would commit suicide
He would never be caught alive

For if they caught him alive and kicking
They would expose him like a circus clown
His carcass would become a war trophy
Total desecration of his pride

He helped his beloved Eva
To take one pill or two
He aimed the gun at his temple
And pronounced his final words...

[Adolf Hitler]:
I'm alone. Alone!
Farewell, Germania!
Farewell, my love!
Farewell, Germania!
Farewell, my land... my love!

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