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Wally Boy Wonder - S.t.s.o lyrics

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S.t.s.o by Wally Boy Wonder

Silent thinkers spark owls
Silent thinkers spark owls
Slap jack
Pitty pat
Spades and all is being played
Sporting low cut fades
Puffin owls
Allows my kin to push through the keg crowds
As my view on the world sells out in ghost towns
Sup cats
Mad pounds
We passin bats
And Chris G's Epic rims shine like Shorty Smooth's
Gold caps
My clever raps
Avoid the phone taps
To late we hit
Dash hide the stash
Fatigue pit
Clip flip then dip
Hidden by the Half-Lit Eclipes's rhyme spit
My pants a hangin
My Budweiser beer head bangin
E&J brandy
Mr. Greens got the whiskey
Lil' kitty cat frisky
I'll f**k it
Tuck it in then split
Be out gold thoughts no doubt
Olympus mount
My count drac
My eight track record my vocals
Phat beats
You best retreat
Your button pushed ejector seat
My mild freak
Seven heads smoking f**k the papers
Split the blunt and catch the Optimo vapors
Be high like skyscr*pers
Locate E.T. space capers
Who's smokin' in this
Silent thinkers spark owls
Who's smokin' in this
Who's smoking in this revolution pow
Your lack of observation
Is the key on my lyrical invasion
A shot to your blind spot
Tunnel vision
Dusted decision
Reach this elevated position
I'm Wally Sparticus
Please pardon my
Behavior in which you savior
As I'm tossin' up 63 flavors
On moons, temples, and tombs
My Techniques mix
My mic my crucifix
Sparks that blunt as I flip sh*t
Your solo illusion is mass confusion
Don't hate
Your fate depends on how I penetrate
Bodies with this tongue shotti
My slugs explode through chest plates
Blue prints of my escape
Copy write this is my sh*t kid
I Smoke weed while getting head
Never disrespect the dead
Brain scan this sphere
Find my writings overcome Shakespeare's
Phone tap homes
I'm never caught
To smooth lyrically
I'm a nationwide terrorist
Fatigue mist C-4 bits explode
Overseas scene
Pass the Hennessey
Oh sh*t they just bombed the U.S. Embassy
The world's corrupt
Rotten cotton clouds
Feel my flow
I'm calm I chill
I creep like Michael Myers then kill
Stab you so many times
These crimes appear on the 7th sign
Who's smoking in this
Silent thinkers spark owls
Who's smoking in this
Who's smoking in this revolution pow
It's not that hard to tell
When I'm high as hell
My eye balls tangibly swell
Everytime I inhale
So roll up a blunt or pass the bowl
The weight of the world is paying it toll
Creepin up from the depths of my soul
Like Alice in Wonderland
Fallin down the black hole
I'm overwhelmed by cannabis
Expanding upon this
While most of yall ain't understanding this
The Grooveyard is amplifying the wattage
My lyrics simulate theological knowledge
And inquisition
X-ray vision
As I transistion
Silent thinking individual addiction
Blessed by the 7th sign
I move through time in bind
In the material presence
Taking you back to the essence
With my die tactic rhyme tactic
The number one asset
The truth burns like lactic acid
Into my fast tongue hatchet
The ignorant will never catch it
Saturated color
I'm the 9th wonder
Sent here to pillage and plunder
Inherently mundane
Take a walk in my brain
As I explain
The subjective mainframe
Of the first born the was slain in vain
Carried by the talents of a ancient crane
A angel cries
In lies in a man's eyes
Smoking together
Creating tides united as one
Under the black hole sun
Three minds comes together as one
Mesh lovely
Majestically thinking moves freely
To a more formal operation
Dissecting information
I see through ignorance with one glance
Fat chance
Empirical knowledge I'd the key
Five senses mastery
Aristotle taught me
It's a Pedi cultural theory
It's how I see
Shallows how I used to be
Now I'm more malleable
To that curse you were born with
I've arrived to my coarse
To a higher source
Unattainable to your narrow mindedness
If you think you can top this
Then ignorance is bliss
One shot and I won't miss
Right on target
Branded like the scarlet letter
Silent thinker kid you know I'm better
Who's smoking in this
Silent thinkers spark owls
Who's smoking in this
Who's smoking in this revolution pow
Off top off top
Who's smoking in this
I grab the mic and squeeze tight
As a boa constrictor
On a scale of 1 to 10
I blew a 50 off the Richter
Without the Mickey's deuce deuce
Still the rugged rhyme inflictor
Feel congested?
Only getting sicker
Spark mad white owls
Plus shots of liquor
Wyze G silent thinker
Puffin skunk heavy drinker
Bring it right to your dome
That's word to Mickey Red, Young Dub and my nigga Rome
Who's smoking in this
Ah silent thinkers spark the la
We getting dusted
Yo yo I'm blasted
The dutch is mastered
So pass it pass it
My I'll white boys bustin of the cocaine and acid
It ain't no party if my team ain't crashed it
No doubt
You know damn well what the deal
Silent thinkers spark owls
Keep it on the real
Me and Mark 7 we roll nice like dice
When you hit that three 11
I'm hell bent but descended from heaven
Shorty Smooth spit a narrow dart
Through your heart hit like a poison arrow
Lyrical legacy just like the ancient pharaoh
Wally Junior Knight
We a alike see alike
Everytime I recite the rhyme
I spray the mic
With the material
Elevate and levitate
My skills with the mental power
Elusive kinetic
Don't let me set it
You pathetic punks get wet'd
And left with no rap credit
Silent thinkers spark owls
All day in the AK I play
Cee-lo One love
Represent my peeps Twin, C Will and D-low.

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