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Wally Boy Wonder - Mad mad clever lyrics

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Mad mad clever by Wally Boy Wonder

Chris B
I don't think you want to step in this cipher
f**kin' round with a dog, guess what
I'll bite ya
Excite ya like the fourth of July
I ain't no lie
I caught a glimpse of the new moon
Under some slanted eyes
Memorize the crowd
Leavin' their tongues hanging and all
Gawking and gasping
Constantly asking
Did you see what I saw?
If this blueprint hits this combination
Lets put it together
See the hook put with Spark
That's way beyond clever
Wally Boy Wonder
Eyes itchy, green smoke, erupts, lit up
Roll the windows up
Beats on wax while I laced the joint
It's like Da Vinci's poetic forms
Inscribed on silver point
I'm on the scene, Magazines
Clips and sh*ts
Making heads splatter
Like super cooled glass
Between all states of matter
Kid I ain't a gunfighter, but a blunt lighter
But if it's a Ez Wider, I'll twist it tighter
I'm on attack from the AK
I avoid jacks from fat cats
Or it's fatality in 64 combats
Then I disappear like reptile
I freak a mild
It's my escape file
JK rippin' up sh*t
I'm mellow when my head's lit
The dagger performs the blunt split
On this chest be this Caucasian crest
Lyrics that sting just like a hornet's nest
I'm blunt blowed
Explode in C4 bits
f**k the flashy videos
I'd rather be on underground radios
Getting blunted out in the studio
Giving props to my peeps
As I flash Adidas sneaks
Wyze G, Mr. Blood and Mark 7
We Mad Clever
My clever mind manipulations of that monk
Close kept cats smoke a blunt to this funk.
Wyze G
On the set with Constantine
I'm lifted mad high as a sky riser
Sippin' E and J
A 24 of Budwiser
On the planet ain't gonna find a emcee live a
Then me Wyze G tha an*lyza
I stay black, Wally stay white
Mad mad mad clever we stay tight
Introducing Shorty Smooth and that's J Knight
When we ready for who ever
Heads get severed
When we put mad clever words together
Wally rock the Shell Toe
I'm in the Air Max, and hoody sweater
Who want to challenge us?
Pursue it
Come on
Who want to test us?
Do it Do it
You don't have a chance to step to it
My sh*t wasn't no river
So you can't run through it
Your dry lyrics ain't got enough fluid
Never sleep on me and this amazing
Crazy Caucasian
Your facing annihilation
Freakin' skills beyond John Blazin'
I'll let Sparks split ya with the sharp golden axe still twirlin'
Wally laced the tracks
You end up trapped up by his whirlwind
I'm puffin' sacks in the back
Gettin' a wax job from your girlfriend
When I grab the mic, this is my throne
When Wally bring the whirlwind
My style is similar to a super cyclone
Rappin' against me is f**kin' fatal in my zone
When we preform, we drop sh*t worse than hell storms
It's bad weather
Wyze G and Mark Samuel we Mad Clever
What what what what we Mad Clever
Know that
My penetrating thoughts inner twine
Through the mind
No emcee can survive line for f**kin' line
My illustrate rhyme is so divine
I'm like any other guy sometimes
Guzzle Mike Lemonade or a fifth of Balentine
When I drop sh*t
Hit like a elbow from Greg Valentine
The hard hammer
The I'll critical lyrical body slammer
More complex then your simple Country Grammar
I burn slow like fire dro
Your like a fifty sack of bammer
I found out that you as a style was fake
When I was scratch beneath the surface
Me and Junior Knight supreme level
Mad Mad Clever individuals
Number one rule to this emcee sh*t
Is be original
Write the book right illustrated Shorty the Stoned Drunk Criminal
Giving it to ya in ya face raw uncut
Like Cuban coke
Wyze G, Mark 7 we no joke
What Mad Clever is how we stay
And this is how me and JK get down in the A. K.
That for sizzle
I'm tellin' ya right now my nizzle
When I make the spot hot, you best believe the sizzle
Alright. That one. For me and my son.

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