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Wally Boy Wonder - See Saw lyrics

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See Saw by Wally Boy Wonder

Eatin' pellets like Pac man
Percs count stacks man
Want some, I tax man
Pop and freeze like a wax man
Just the facts ma'am, Dragnet
Ready, set, really wet
From the dance sweat
Calm down girl we just met
And the party just started
There's mad girls out there
Don't be retarded
I think it's time we parted
To the kitchen where the shit is hot
On the island under the pans and pots
Girls lined up doing body shots, body shots
This must be the hottie spot, naughty spot
Snow lined up on the granite
In mass supply they demand it
No cameras not candid
We party undercover like bandits
Party's jumpin jumpin
Up and down
Up top
Then back on down
And See Saw, See Saw
See Saw, See Saw
Party's jumpin jumpin
Up and down
Ass pop
Then drop it down
And See Saw, See Saw,
See Saw, See Saw
Make our way to the master suite
I believe this kitty's in heat
Get down to the nitty and beat
Bumpin from the floor underneath
The sheets
After business was handled
Return downstairs
Both buzzed with no cares
No stares
Everyone minding their own
Watch now I'm finding the zone
Not finding my phone
The smokes blindin' I'm blown
From the pot smoke
Take a shot choke, got rum
Hope you brought Coke
The kind you swallow not sniff
Dance floor follow me swift
To the moon Apollo and lift
Your feet up off the floor
See Saw jumpin'
Do it some more

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