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Wally Boy Wonder - Where I’m From lyrics

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Where I’m From by Wally Boy Wonder

Practice talk about practice
Skills sharp just like a cactus
Streets'll knock you from your axis
Ski Mask and gun scare tactics
One not hosted by Mor' Tracy
Neighbors choke held by Hoy' Gracie
Bodies pile up stench of John Gacy
Kidnaps like William H. Macy
In that movie with the guy Donny
In the Bowski with Dude
Cats need to eat so get food
The economy
Burning fire street fuel
Mr. Prez we need more peace
People vanish in the streets
We need the crime to slow and cease
To diminish, murders to decrease
More gangs like the T-Birds in Grease
Go ahead and race your whip
Roll slow like the Blimp
Street war Gaza Strip
Protect yours guard ship
Peoples being robbed for crumbs
Where I'm From
What has our town become
Where I'm From
Cats crazy, young and dumb
Where I'm From
It happens everywhere
We're not the only one
Used to be the place to chase dreams
Now littered with schemes and screams
Glocks shine and gleams and reign king
Then birds sing then cops sting
Through The Park after dark
Avoid at all cost or catch a spark
From the street sharks
Rhyme and meet Mark
Embark on Noah's Ark
What happened to society?
Villains in different varieties
I can't take the anxiety
Fuck the sobriety
Low income housing bought up
Cause cats were getting shot up
Havin' their blood clot up
It hard not to get caught up
In a life of crime and grime
A street rhyme
Stop taking down our rims and nets
Lookin at gyms as threats
Not enough to do for the kids on the block
But gunplay and sellin' rock
No knock
So they push in with a stolen glock
And pop
We're not the only one
Peoples get shot and stabbed
Where I'm From
Peoples get nabbed and grabbed
Where I'm From
Chicks get choked and gagged
Where I'm From
Trains get popped and tagged
Where I'm From
Kids running up on porches
Where I'm From
Push in with their torches
Where I'm From
Bullets on sale they're cheap
Where I'm From
I'm wide awake I can't sleep
Where I'm From

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