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Wally Boy Wonder - Killa Whale (Dog Vs. Cat Cover) lyrics

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Killa Whale (Dog Vs. Cat Cover) by Wally Boy Wonder

Lyrics deadly like a Killa Whale
Tell a tale
Stormy weather brewing
Better set sail from where
The threat dwells
Dr. Loomis style
Splits tracks
Slits wrist
My I'll attack twist
Twirl with this psychiatrist
Mathematical mental chemist
Among Dog Vs. Cat
I'm known as Mr. Green Thumb
Summing up numbers
On you dum dums
Smoked out summers
Sharp my tongue son
Share the crown
Up past the mic I'm bout to clown
Captain fills my cup
I'm bout to drown
Into heat seeking
Mild freaking
As Phillie guts hits the ground
Am I acid peakin'?
Is my window breathin'?
Mainstream supreme tag team
Scheme with Jack Bheam
Brainstorm your warned
Swarm while my thoughts perform
On stage
A king's been formed
Into Constantine the great soldier
I mold ya
Into the perfect victim
Then toss to Jason to fold ya
Backwards style equipped
With whack words
So run astray
Come out to play
Myself a warrior
Other poets slayed
Street slang unique spray
Bodies lay over the plains
Of the A.K. Ronnie Boy Wonder
Teddy bear super toy
Weak competition annoyed me
As you enter the City of Troy
Accepted story a myth
On these streets walked
A wordsmith
Ahead of the learning curve
A strike
To the mentally weak
With write
Junior Knight
Third verse rewrite
For the second solo release
Hot like Polo fleece
Jackets restrain Lecter
From Clarice
The lambs are silent
Thinking from whales
So violentn stay quiet
Don't try it, spark owls
Or riot
Fly into the D.I.A.
Not D.O.A.
My fam
A hundred miles away
From destruction and death
Thin air
Hard to catch your breath
A mile high
Make moves like chess
Away from the rising
Tide, the sea
The A.U.A.G.
The virus, not money
New World Order
Is coming, Illuminati
Mother fuckers'll try it!

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