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Wally Boy Wonder - Prehistoric lyrics

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Prehistoric by Wally Boy Wonder

My style is Pre-Historic Era
Scientist react to artifacts
Found in Morocco
Were dinosaur tracks
Stomped in the earth
Life froze
Sizable creatures
Colossus of Rhodes
Best stay swift Shell Toes
Scarecrows wander roads
Those jealous foes
Distance myself, disappear
Like Copperfield
I feel that
Life will heal, I got a deal
One wish
For my pops to hear me
Rock the spot this year
Leaving comp with knots
Jumping out their socks
With fear
Ever wonder why
They call me Wonder
Underneath my skin
Lie stories of lumberjacks
With axes
Rhymes attack
What a devastating impact
That killed life then
You're Lost with Ben
The cause my pen
I won't pause again
Who? What? Where?
Why? And when?
Feel the wind, life will end
A few dig in to fight, take flight
Portholes fill the sky
Be kind to the guide
Angels dive
With hope alive
The strong survive
One's lost, cried then died
Only fate decides
Form the tribes
The great divide
Feel the tide, it's rising high
He's still stalking
While she's sleep walking
Me slang talking
While I read Steve Hawking
Fate is knocking
Glocks start popping
Sparks starts dropping
Locks start locking
Hold your fear death is near
Stress and tears drink some beers
Beneath Wall Streetn unique speech
Bites like a leech with sharp teeth
Minds I teach complex
Multiple projects
Kent sent lead specs through Fed-Ex
Effects, dying tape decks and checks
Pay with cash, lava ash cooks the soil
Hot flash, skin to boil, heat rash
Veins to coil
Air max, relax, rain thumb tacks
My dumb tracks break backs
In wolf packs, swipe jacks
And Jill on the hill, pop some pills
Smoke some kill, break the seal
End is real, that's the deal
Help you heal, how you feel?
End is near, grip your spear
Signed sincere, end is near
End is near, grip your spear
Signed sincere, end is near
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