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Vaughan Penn - The miracle of you lyrics

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The miracle of you by Vaughan Penn

Covered up my eyes so I could see you
Covered up my ears so I could hear you
You tied up my hands so I could be free
Free to be close to you
Gently, gently like the sand
Slipping quickly out of hand
Where is the rock?
Where is the rock?
Now I know it's true.
Cause I'm still here, I'm living proof
Now I know, what saved my soul
It's the miracle of you
It's the miracle of you
It's the miracle
Backed up my heart against this wall of doubt
Picked up my feet so I could fall flat out
Down on my face, down on my knees
I'm begging you (I'm begging you)
I'm begging you please.
Hold me tightly by my heart.
In the shelter of your arms.
I'm standing on the rock.
Standing on the rock.
Signs, signs all around me.
Why could I not see them
Signs, signs
Well I thank God, now I can believe them.
Walked down this long dark road
To find my truth.
Why did I carry such a heavy load
When I could give it all to you.
Well thank you for the promises you've made to me.
And all the love that came from you.

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