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Vaughan Penn - Cross that line lyrics

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Cross that line by Vaughan Penn

Once you've cross that line
You can't go back
You're a one way train
Moving backwards on the track
In a dark enlightened maze you go searching for yourself
But no one there can hear you cause you won't cry out for help
No, you won't cry out
Woven days into webs
It's time that traps you
In a haze covered hell
Spun out inside your head
So unkind it unwinds as it blinds you
Your alibis only serve to mystify you
I was hoping since I'm older
You would learn from my mistakes
And this battle could be over
And my love could melt your hate
What makes you
What makes you do
What makes you do the things you do
When the same veins that run through me
Are the ones that run through you
Through you. Through you.
Drowning, drowning down
In the tears of your pain
So I pray for you now that somehow you can change
I pray to God you can change
I think it's time, I think it's time, I think it's time
We're all the same inside
So how could you cross that line

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