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Utada Hikaru lyrics

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Album: This Is The One (2009)

Album: Heart Station (2008)

Album: Ultra Blue (2006)

Album: Deep River (2002)

Album: Sakura Drops/Letters (2002)

Album: Distance (2001)

Album: First Love (1999)

Album: Exodus

Album: Other Songs

100 reasons why
1000 Words
1st Love, Utada Hikaru
A.s.a.p (romaji Translation)
Asap (as soon as possible)
Blow My Whistle
BLUE (English Translation)
BLUE (Romaji)
By Your Side
Can you keep a secret (english version)
Close To You
Dareka no negai ga kanau koro
Don't love you
Eternally (romanized )
Final Distance (English Version)
Final Distance (Japanese/English Trans.)
First Love (English)
First Love (Japanese)
First love (romanji and english lyrics)
First Love - Translation
Flavor Of Life (English Version)
Fly Me To The Moon
Fly Me To The Moon (in Other Words)
Give Me A Reason Romanized
Goodbye Happiness
Hayatorichi (remix)
Hear Me Cry
Hikari (remix)
Hikari (Translation)
How ya doin'
How Ya Doin' (rap Version)
I Don't Love You
I Don't Love You Feat. Cubic U
I love you (bohemian summer 2000)
I won't last a day without you
Kingdom Hearts (English)
Kremlin dusk (corrected)
Letters (translation)
Lovin' You (Live)
Loving You
My Little Loverboy
Nichiyo No Asa
No Woman No Cry
Play Ball (Purei Booru)
Precious Love
Prisoner Of Love (English)
Purei Booru
Purei Booru (Play Ball)
Sakura Dorappusu
Sakura Drops (translation)
Simple And Clean
Simple And Clean (Acoustic Version)
Simple and clean (japanese version)
Simple and clean (kingdom hearts)
Simple And Clean (Plantb Remix)
Simple And Clean (Remix)
Simple And Clean [planitb Remix]
Simple and clean(full english version)
Simple and clean(translation)
Taimu Rimitto (Romanji)
Take a little while
Ticket 4 Two
Tippy toes
Traveling (English Translation)
Wait & See~Risuku
Wait And See ~Risuku
With Or Without You
With Or Without You (Unplugged)
Work things out

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