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TXT (Tomorrow X Together) Lyrics

About TXT (Tomorrow X Together)

TOMORROW X TOGETHER: The Next Evolution of K-Pop

In 2019, Big Hit Entertainment formed the South Korean boy group TOMORROW X TOGETHER (투릨로우바살투게더), consisting of five members. Soobin, Yeonjun, Beomgyu, Taehyun, and Huening Kai make up the group of five. TXT's youthful personality, original ideas, and catchy song selection have all contributed to their quick rise to fame as one of the top K-pop acts.

Genre and Years of Activity

Pop, R&B, hip hop, TXT, K-pop, and EDM. They have carved out a distinct niche for themselves in the already crowded K-pop industry thanks to their distinctive sound and genre-bending approach. TXT have been releasing music that highlights their improvement and adaptability since their debut in 2019.

Popular Compositions and Albums

From the numerous releases of TXT that have taken the hearts of fans worldwide. Their most popular works include:
  • "CROWN"
  • "Run Away"
  • "Can't You See Me?"
They showcase their ability to match syrupy sweet hooks with affecting, relatable verses. Discography, Notable Albums and EPs:
  • The Dream Chapter: STAR (2019)
  • The Dream Chapter: MAGIC (2019)
  • The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY (2020)
  • Minisode1: Blue Hour (2020)
  • The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE (2021)

Lyrics and Analysis

TXT lyrics are usually about youth, growth and dealing with the difficulties of reaching maturity. For example, the line "Bet my body gon' fall, jump and make me get a horn attached to my head" in "CROWN" metaphorically illustrates the chaos and discomforting nature of maturing into adulthood, using the extreme example of sprouting a horn to depict the unearthly process to emphasize that you must manage the chaos and keep moving ahead in life. Whilst the lyrics are a lot more introspective, the upbeat and energetic mood of this track really juxtaposes with the sadder sound for a more dynamic listen. The chorus of Run Away goes something like this: "Save me, I'm running out of time, save me, — a wish for adolescent stress and hardship to just end. As the song sees an emotional performance and a gripping storytelling, the message of the song strikes a chord with listeners who listen to it for comfort.

Impact and Reception

TXT has made a remarkable influence on the K-pop scene despite their recent debut. Their innovative ideas and desire to play with various sounds has raised its own set of fans, named MOA (Moments Of Alwaysness). Fans love their realness, depth of lyrics, and the fact the songs speak to their emotion. TXT, critically, have been praised for innovative music and high-quality performances. The group has won numerous rookie titles in various music award shows as well for their live performances and complex choreography. While some highlight their ascension as poised to lead the future of K-pop, emerging quickly and artistically innovative.

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