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Troop - This Is A Plant I Don't Want To Eat lyrics

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This Is A Plant I Don't Want To Eat by Troop

Someone call a doctor before we go to heaven
Buddy has a shot, and he sends up lots of fluids
I don't know what happened, all i know is that he caught a burden... in his belly
Think he's gonna speak now, someone get him water
And he said...
All of my friends, don't be upset
These things happen so don't forget
What it means to be healed
And what's precious are assistants
Oh, but i've gone and blown it... over nothing
I've hurt my stomach
Before he's finished speaking, he dies
When they heard the sirens, everyone was too late
What was this kid thinking? why'd he have to do that?
It wasn't 'til his funeral he understood what happened
Dropped his gun
And he's
Just sitting there
Trying to tell us something
And he called
His mom
To tell her
He loved her
Said he's sorry
He just can't wait
For heaven
Much longer
And justin's telling me that i really shouldn't worry
Girls can cause trouble, and it's never really worth it
Though all the room may care just the pain stays the same
We start talking about our ex-girlfriends and how we made mistakes
Then we start to laugh and pour ourselves some drinks
There's nothing left to say when you're too drink to pig
Justin makes a toast to never getting caught
Jared and i start laughing and then we hear the shot
Didn't we tell you, but was it really worth it?
You should know the signs we're dying for, eh
Didn't we tell you that she was never worth it?
You could put a hole in your stomach
No doctor/mortician could put you back together
Don't tell your mom you got blood on your sweater
Oh well, whatever... just like the weather
People get sad in late december

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