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Troop - This Is A Plant You Do Not Want To Eat (Demo) lyrics

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This Is A Plant You Do Not Want To Eat (Demo) by Troop

He shrugs off a light bulb in front of you
A man, a priest, a ghost and a prostitute
They ask to see what is inside of you
Bones and strings, a heart and a jar of glue
And my eyes are blue
And you're sick too
What a cool thing to do
Midnight affairs, I don't care who I hurt when I stare
I didn't mean to be mean, that's just me
I said I'm sorry
My jaw's stinging like bees
I'll call you soon or so maybe, baby
Let's play doctor and cheat, cheat the glass in me
I'll make a map to keep, keep reminding me
On what to do, do, do
I'll burn your words right so flipping close to you
Can I have some juice?
And a cupcake too?
What a cool plant to chew!
Can you figure out
What this song's about?
They ate my plants engulfed in ice
While my girlfriend screamed and cried
She shook your hand and said goodnight, goddamn goodnight, goodnight
He wins at last; his final words: "I had to forget that girl,"
"I'm sorry I think you're really great, but you're just a passing phase,"
He shook your hand and said goodnight, goodnight goodnight goodnight
Oh boy...
So I spent three months trying to clean this mess up
And your sarcasm hurts but I just don't give a fuck
And that's the truth, yeah it hurts... so it hurts.
She packs up her bags and moves on with her life
A strong little shortie to make a nice wife
Porfavor, don't slam that door.
And you know that you couldn't be a dancer, a painter
The long arms, the panthers, the kittens, the dangers...
And you shouldn't... eat those plants.

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