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Album: (2008)

Album: Unter Knochen (2004)

Album: Auf Dem Mond Ein Feuer (2001)

Album: Reich In Rost (2000)

Album: Fleischwald (1998)

Album: Vaterchen Frost (1997)

2 Hearts
A Secret Love
Afraid Of Love
After You've Gone
All Us Boys
Always Be There For Me
Angel Don't Cry
Baba Mnumzane (Instrumental)
Baby He's Your Man
Bag O'tales
Better World
Born Yesterday
Borrowed Time
Bottom Of Your Soul
Broken Machine
Can You Hear What I'm Say
Can You Hear What I'm Saying
Can't Stand It Any Longer
Caught In The Balance
Change Of Heart
Child's Anthem (Instrumental)
Darkest Night Of The Year
Dave's Gone Skiing (Instrumental)
Don't Chain My Heart
Don't Hang Me On
Don't Stop Me Now (Instrumental)
Drive A Crooked Road
Dying On My Feet
English Eyes
Extinction Blues
Fall Into Velvet
Falling In Between
Froth (Instrumental)
Get My Way
Girl Goodbye
Goin' Home
Goodbye Elenore
Gypsy Train
Hate Everything About You
Hero With A 1,000 Eyes
Home Of The Brave
How Does It Feel
I Will Remember
I Won't Hold You Back
I'll Be Over You
I'll Supply The Love
If It's The Last Night
If You Belong To Me
In A Word
It Looks Like Rain
It's A Feeling
Jake To The Bone [Instrumental] (Instrumental)
Just Can't Get To You
Kick Down The Walls
King Of The World
Kingdom Of Desire
Last Night
Let It Go
Little Wing
Lonely Beat Of My Heart
Love Has The Power
Love Is A Man's World
Love The Things You Hate
Luke Solo
Make Believe
Manuela Run
Miss Sun
Misterious Ways
Modern Eyes
Mrs. Johnson
Never Enough
Never Let Them See You Cry
Never Walk Alone
No End In Sight
On The Run
Only You
Open Your Heart
Out Of Love
Party In Simon's Pants (Instrumental)
Reservations To Love
Right Part Of Me
She Knows The Devil
Simple Life
Slipped Away
Somewhere Tonight
Song For Jeff (Instrumental)
Spanish Steps
Spanish Steps Of Rome
Spiritual Man
Steppin' On Top Of Your World
Straight For The Heart
Stranger In Town
Swear Your Love
Taint Your World
Takin' It Back
Tale Of A Man
Tears Of My Own Shame
The Bomber
The Other End Of Time
The Other Side
The Real Truth
The Road Goes On
The Turning Point
Turn Back
Turns To Stone
Twist The Knife
Vaterchen Frost
We Can Make It Tonight
We Made It
White Sister
Wings Of Time
With A Second Chance
Without Your Love
You Are The Flower

Album: Lichtbringer (1996)

Album: Other Songs

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