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Thin Lizzy lyrics

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Album: One Night Only (2001)

Album: Wild One: The Very Best Of Thin Lizzy (1996)

Album: Thunder And Lightning (1983)

Album: Renegade (1981)

Album: The Adventures Of Thin Lizzy (1981)

Album: Chinatown (1980)

Album: Black Rose (1979)

Album: Black Rose: A Rock Legend (1979)

Album: Live And Dangerous (1978)

Album: Bad Reputation (1977)

Album: Jailbreak (1976)

Album: Johnny The Fox (1976)

Album: Fighting (1975)

Album: Night Life (1974)

Album: Vagabonds of The Western World (1973)

Album: Shades of a Blue Orphanage (1972)

Album: New Day (1971)

Album: Thin Lizzy (1971)

Album: Dead Pop

Album: Do It For The Fam

Album: Exculpation

Album: Fashionably Late

Album: Just Do It

Album: Making The Transition

Album: Ongaku No Susume

Album: Other Songs

Album: Qué Que Cê Qué?

Album: Re: Yasashii Kimochi

Album: Synesthetic Perceptions

Album: We Got The Time

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