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Baggot Street Lyrics

by The Prize Fighter Inferno


Baggot Street Song Lyrics

Baggot Street by The Prize Fighter Inferno

When I told her that I loved her, she said I must be mad
But still and all when she’d recall all the times we had
With the way that things were going,
She might just take a chance
And in the word I thought I heard an echo of romance.

Chorus: Did the echo quickly fade, or do you recall as well
We used to meet on Baggot Street beside the old hotel.
The 16A would pull away and leave that diesel smell
And you’d be standing there by that Baggot Street hotel.

It didn’t last that long and I never thought it would.
When I’m looking back now I don’t see how it could
It’s just pictures in my head like graffiti on a wall
Some are washed away with rain ‘til they’re hardly there at all.
And then that day we made our way down by the Liffeyside
In a bar twe had a jar and watched the rain outside
We said whatever happened we’d always be good friends
In a cigarette and friendship that’s the way the whole world ends

We finished up our pints and we paid the barman’s bill
Walked back up the Liffet in the silence and the chill
At O’Connell Bridge we went our ways,
We said we’d be in touch,
I supposed you said goodbye, I don’t think I said much.
And on that day I heard you say the world was wide and I
Would find someone far better and I didn’t need to try
But still at times when I lie down I’ll dream and start to dance
With the long-gone ghost of Baggot Street,
And an echo of romance.

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