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Music Video

Alchemy Lyrics

by The Prize Fighter Inferno


Alchemy Song Lyrics

Alchemy by The Prize Fighter Inferno

Sitting here and dreaming, dreaming of salvation,
And salvation comes in love, at least that's what they say
I don't know if it was love or just imagination
But the siren of my dreams was made like me of clay
Now I look outside my window at the people covered pavements
Shores to the river of the traffic running through
And the gray scale of sky says there's rain in my future
And the only blue that I can see is what I feel for you

We say that we'll be friends when we know we never will be
Once we were as one, now we lie alone
Alchemy once blended base metals into golden
Now what once was gold is transmuted into stone
Into lead and stone

Sitting here and dreaming, dreaming of a sunrise
The sunrise that takes over and the moon that fades away
Daylight when it happens obscures the dream of darkness
And the river shifts and shivers in the tawdry light of day
I know I was a fool to take it all for granted
Never once imagioned that I'd feel the way I do
And I know the past is gone and I wish I could forget it
But the begger never rides his horse,
My dreams are still of you


I am free to make my choices, I will choose my own direction
I will walk along the pathway that others choose for me
I will make my own decisions with sufficient introspection
Now I introspect away until there's nothing left to see
I can say that we'll be friends like it's really what I wanted
Not to hold you in my arms, to lie once more with you
But as alchemists once tried to change base metals into golden
It never worked for them back then,
Why should it now come true?


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