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New School Lyrics

by The Overprivileged


New School Song Lyrics

New School by The Overprivileged

i wake up in the morning then go back to bed,
why, start the process all over again again
every day starts and ends the same why do i bother to play their game, every day's the same
school starts too early and I feel something swell,
my confinement here is a modern hell
forced to be good and nice forced to be left unsaid,
their fear has chained me tight, dragged me to the ground
their ways are always the right, i scream without making a sound,
won't make a commotion won't articulate my thoughts
can't show my true emotions i can't be found and caught,
if they find out that i'm sad they'll lock me up they'll lock me up
so i'll lock myself away instead let it fester in my head,
i'm sinking now, falling faster than i ever have before
this holding every thing inside is killing me at my core,
last year rabbit got expelled for telling a teacher his life was hell
last month spyder went to prison he told us his plan but we didn't listen,
they took matt away last week and i just turned the other cheek
tomorrow they will come for me when i set these demons free

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