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King Of The Pit Lyrics

by The Overprivileged


King Of The Pit Song Lyrics

King Of The Pit by The Overprivileged

stage dive steel toes first blood sprays as a nose is crushed,
boot to head to fist to chest the one left standing is the one who moshed best
shirt off and muscles flexed, king of this society,
ready to pulverize anyone to challenge you for pit supremacy
everybody was kung fu fighting (hoo), those cats were fast as lightning (haa)
in fact twas a little bit frightening (hoo), but they did it with expert timing (haa)
this ain't about being hard put away your petty pride,
it's about connecting with those who feel like you inside
this ain't no knockem' jockem' that's as unpunk as it gets,
let the music guide you stop dancing with your fucking fists

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