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The Five O'Clock Heroes lyrics

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A Letter To Both Sides
All Is Fair
Anybody Home
Anyone Else
Are We Ourselves?
At The Back Of The Room
Bad News
Bird-Watching And Vice Versa
Broken Bones
Broken Window
Built For The Future
By Force
Calm Animals
Cameras In Paris
Can't Finish
Cancer Swing
Cause To Be Alarmed
Chase The Fire
Climb The Hill
Corporate Boys
Corporation Creation
Corpse Disposal For Dummies
Dead Girlfriends Can't Break Up With You
Deeper And Deeper
Disappointing Past
Do Or Die
Don't Be Scared
Don't Say Don't
Driven Out
Enter Hector (Hector's Hardcore Ghetto Rap)
Facing The Wind
Fear Everything
First Night
Fred's Got Slacks
Get Out Of My Face
Good Lovers
Got To Give It Up
Guitar Song
Gypsy Feet
Head Games
Hidden Track From Bend To The Breaks
How Much Is Enough
I Am Abandoned
I Found You
I Live
I Will
I'm Life
If You Really Love Me
Less Cities More Moving People
Lost In Battle Overseas
Lost Planes
Macoretta Boozer
My Hands Are Tied
No One Has To Cry
One Jungle
One Look Up
One Thing Leads To Another
Phantom Living
Picking At My Brain
Pre-Packaged Childhood
Precious Stone
Public Service Announcement
Quality Television
Red Skies
Refuse To Die
Run To Her
Satan Vs. The United States Of America
Saved By Zero
Secret Separation
Sense The Adventure
Shred Of Evidence
Shut It Out
Shuttered Room
Sign Of Fire
Skin Deep
Some People
Speak Your Language
Spill Your Guts
Stand Or Fall
Stay The Night
Still Around
Sunshine In The Shade
The First Rule
The Flow
The Fool
The Great Red Cross Robbery
The Humongus Fungus Among Us
The Strain
There's A Problem
Time On My Hands
Treasure It
Turn It Up
Want Your Number
What The Hell Happened To You?
White Girls
Woman On A Train
World Weary
Zombies Vs. Robots

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