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The Contortionist lyrics

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Lyrics for album: New Songs

Lyrics for album: Intrinsic (2012)

Been Training Dogs
Been Training Dogs (live Audio)
Before The Moor
Blind Pilots
Blinking Pigs
Devil Walks In The Sand (2CD Bonus Track)
Did You Miss Me?
Digital Observations
Drifting Away
For The Last Time
Girl Ink Age (Instrumental)
Give A Future
Habit Of A Lifetime
I Know
I Know (JAP Bonus Track)
I Want You To Think I Could Be
I'll Still Write
I'll Still Write (2CD Bonus Track)
In Your Prime
Into My Arms
Jesus, You Smoke Too (Instrumental)
Lapitu (Bedtime Story)
Last Line Of Defence
Let's Kill Music
Let's Kill Music (Live) (2CD Bonus Track)
Like Lot
Looking Glass
Mansell (Instrumental)
Murder Song
Music Box
My Darling (Nasty Angel)
New Toys
No Excuse
No Love
Not My Country
Not Quite Enough
On Off On
One Quick Fix
One Ten & Hundred
Our Eyes Are Bright
Our Eyes Are Bright ( Download Track)
Panzer Attack
Panzer Attack (Live) (2CD Bonus Track)
Promises Promises
Resident Writer
Safe Enough Distance Away
Safe Enough Distance Away (Extra Track)
Screwdriver Song
Sing With The Sirens
Sister Soul
Stop Right Now
Talking To A Brick Wall
The Clan
The Devil Walks In The Sand
The Hag Of Freeborough
The Lake
The Same Mistakes
Up Ya Arse
Way Out West
Way Out West (2CD Bonus Track)
Who Needs Enemies?
Written Apology

Lyrics for album: Apparition (2009)

Lyrics for album: Exoplanet

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