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Up High Lyrics

by Saint Mixy


Up High Song Lyrics

Up High by Saint Mixy

I'm a raise my banner up high let the whole world know i rep the most High
And no matter what they say it's Christ Jesus all the way (oh yeah!)
Verse 1
Gotta keep my word with destiny cause we're on a date
So i done said goodbye to my sinful ways
Grabbed a hold of the plough now there ain't no turning back
Don't care if the world labels me a maniac
Not noah but the man from the ark crying out to the world
Depart form your sinful ways cause the world's end is near
There won't be no such thing as fire or flood
Revelations thirteen sixteen to the end('s what next)
Used to like the man in black the pretender
Till i met Jesus Christ i surrendered
He wiped away my past and gave me a new start (yes)
Dead to my old self alive in the spirit
Enjoying benefits of a new birth through Jesus
A new being and plus i got a clean slate
I'm a testify and my banner's never gonna stay down
Verse 2
Redeemed by his love saved by his blood
When trouble comes my way i hold him to his word
El shaddai elohim king of kings yes He's lord
Me and sin don't date no more cause i fell in love with God
Many people asking questions like how come you're so fly
Well the answer's really simple i'm the son of the most High
I just wanna give Him praise for his grace over my life
Now the devil's really jealous chasing me with fork and knife
Set a table before me in the presence of my haters
But i lost my appetite so i'm keeping it for later
Just wanna get high like tonto on sunday
Lost count of the demons i killed on the way(oh! jeez)
Verse 3
My life's all the banner that they really need to see
I've been redeemed now free from the power of sin
I fear no evil cause my daddy watches me
And he never sleeps nor slumbers not a minute
Elevating without limits,i ain't even bothered
Cause he's got my pads locked guess i'm in a safe now
I call him my saviour so common let him save yo
I call him my saviour so common let him save y'all

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