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Let It Rain Lyrics

by Saint Mixy


Let It Rain Song Lyrics

Let It Rain by Saint Mixy

Feel the rains of your love
We feel the winds of Your spirit
Now the heartbeat of heaven let us hear
Let it
Verse 1
Maybe doctors' giving up on your health
They're insinuating save your folks the stress
And get a casket
Friends giving up for you they're like better forget it
You're too late, road's been blocked maybe it's fate
Coming up with all kinds of cr*p tryna console like you were Job
Guess every man can't rid himself of Eliphaz, Zophar and Bildad
...want you to blame God but treat your problems like a billboard
My gaze's towards the east but You said that You never left
Or maybe You took the west when i was looking on unawares
The clouds are darkening,fast approaching is the thunderstorm
...never said to call on my mom in the day, time or hour of trouble
Said to call on You and i'll be shown great and mighty things
Be like i'm seeing double, Psalms 126:1 dreaming things
But it feels like the pictures are being formed on my blind spot
I know You're really working but all i see is nought
I know You reign more than Tsunamis so You can make it rain on me
Till i'm cool man i believe (in miracles) Kathryn Kuhlmann
Let it rain 2x
Open the flood gates of heaven
Let it rain...
Verse 2
Awan o kin go on strike, we no be assu
Gbogbo ipinu esu baba ti cancel
Ojo ibukun ti shu, ode maro
Oma bless everybody dey bone marrow
Oma protect wa from evil arrows
Ninu odun yi won ni ba e daro
Blessings toh po jugi dogoyaro
Nibi ta won kan tin hustle fun picanto
Lawon eleyi seize moment pelu prado
Usher james speak in tongues ninu murano
Jesu Kristi Baba o
I've got my two legs no try cycle on me, i've got my bible no other devil on me
Oruko jesu o nse mi yoriyori
And i'm gone forever tell the story
Everybody now we gotta make it rain
Verse 3
Let it rain Lord, pour Your spirit out
Don't stop till i'm soaked and it's dripping down from my cloak
In my drought i find myself looking up to the hills
When the masses say you won't i know you surely will
Give me exceeding grace to hold me still in life's storms
Even when my faith wavers give me strength to carry on
And forge ahead in the midst of diverse trials and temptations
'cause i've got all eyes on me expecting my manifestation
You promised us Your spirit in the last days
The signs are glaring so i guess these are the last days
We your sons and daughters are praying and hoping for relief
Spare me the pain killers, by His stripes i know i'm healed
Without dee jays you still turn tables
And like james fortune fiya i know you're still able
To give a face lift, elevate me to where i ought to be
And give me rest on all sides from my enemies C.O.D(City of David)

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