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Wha Dem Gyal Want

by Rick Ramdehal


Wha Dem Gyal Want Song Text

Wha Dem Gyal Want by Rick Ramdehal

(R. Ramdehal, D. Flex)
Ah wha de gyal dem really, really want, ya ya ya, Dutty Flex and Rick
Every time I'm with a new girl, Dutty my friend
Well, she's always into something different
I just need someone to tell me, Somebody (3) please tell me
Ah wanna know (7x)
Ah wha dem gyal want … Is a man with a big bank account, platinum cards, no doubt
Ah wha …She want to shop till she drop, designer clothes, all kinds ah shoes and purse
Ah wha …Man fe buy she diamonds and pearls, you know, the best friends of a girl
Ah wha …Man who have a smooth ride, de benz, de beamer, ‘vette and de Porsche, now, so tell me
Ah wanna know….
Ah wha dem gyal want…You gotta wine her and dine her and show her a real nice time
Ah wha … Out on the town, dinner for two and a broadway show
Ah wha … Treat her like a lady, don't be acting shady, no games at all
Ah wha … Show her London, Paris, NY and the rest of the world, so tell me
Ah wanna know….
So Dutty wha you tell me,
Some gyal ah want it hard, to break down she walls, de whole nine yards
For you to go down low, make de juices flow, and then give she some mo, oh
Some ah want you to poke and prod, put all kinds a things in between
Get freaky, strawberries, chocolate, hot wax & whip cream
Ah wanna know….
Ah wha dem gyal want…To find a man who could love her she so hard and make it look so easy
Ah wha … Not a two minute drill, that don't pay the bill, she must have her fill
Ah wha … Give it to she slow, from she head to she toe, ‘till she can't take it no more
Ah wha … Man ah fe love and caress and always tell her that she is the best, so, baby
Ah wanna know….

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