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by Rick Ramdehal


Ecstasy Song Lyrics

Ecstasy by Rick Ramdehal

(R. Ramdehal, K. Bisnauth)
I’ve got a vision of you, ‘cause in my mind I see you
I wanna make love to you, all the time
Last night I thought I saw you, searching all over for you
You keep escapin’ me, you’re so hard to find
Girl, you’re like a mystery to me
Come into my life and free me
Babe, your lips, your curves excite me
‘Cause girl, you’re givin’ me, oh oh oh
You’re givin’ me ecstasy (Oh, Tumhe chahtaa hu) (4x)
Girl, you’re givin’ me, Babe, you’re givin’ me
Whoah, you’re givin’ me, yeah ee yeah ee yeah yeah
Steppin’ on de dance floor, you got me going whoah
I didn’t know what beauty was
Woman you look so, sexy how you glow
Other gyal can’t come diss you flow
Just De way how you style, a million bucks smile
You got de profile of ecstasy
And de way how you move, you skin is so smoothe
Your body just tantalizin’ me
Never see another gyal, that make me wanna fall
Come catch me, I’m fallin’ for you gyal
Goin’ outa my brain, I’m goin’ insane
You’re like de sun shinin’ through de rain
It’s a feelin’ so real, you are de real deal
You got sex appeal, I’m feelin’ you
From de one up above, like a hand in a glove
Come give me your love
Ecstasy, (Oh, Tumhe chahtaa hu), You’re givin me ecstasy
It was a perfect moment, it was so overwhelming
Got all of my emotions, in a rush
You got my body shakin’, I think my heart is breakin’
From flesh to the bone, I’ve got an instant crush
Girl, your movement’s subtle and warm
I can’t wait to be in your arms
I wanna feel you inside, these feelings I cannot hide
You’re givin’ me ecstasy (Oh, Tumhe chahtaa hu) (4x)
Comin’ outa my dream, you’re more than you seemed
Standing right before my eyes
I’ve waited so long, de feeling’s too strong
De chemistry’s got me hypnotized
You’re all that I need, there’s no in between
Gonna give you all of my love
You’re de part of my soul, I’ve finally got a hold of you
The one I’m dreamin’ of
When your body moves, I’ll be in you groove
Our bodies are one you and I
Woman you’re so fine, our bodies and minds
Just got to intertwine
Ecstasy, (Oh, Tumhe chahtaa hu), You’re givin me ecstasy….

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