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Taylor Swift Caption Fail

by Rhett & Link


Taylor Swift Caption Fail Song Text

Taylor Swift Caption Fail by Rhett & Link

Also part-time
Due respects to go
I was in your science
You got me at all

You fair homie
You plan on me
You ban only
The ee ee ee

An angel
Any snakes to me
In Armenia
One is only

I knew you were troubled when you walked in
So machine mommy now
Blooming depleted and never paying
Nanananana Cold War, NOW

Uh Uh
Couple, Couple, Couple

But scheme for action
I swear teacher
Steve cheer captain and...
In a model bleachers

Period up to date
When you wake up and find
Well they're electing for days
Has been here the hometown

If you to stream to uh uh uh who understand you
Prepare all outlaw
So arcane teens singing
You've known with me
You're a gnome with me

Sunday, I mean
Even in a pickle CD
And now you're ever on the use
Of me

Lay out, B.B.
King enough so you can winging it
Belonged or airport bringing in Maine
Went out of the company

We'll continue somewhere we could be a problem
Operated, all the stuff to do to Ron
You'll be depressing out in the process
It's a slow story, baby suggest yes

Ooh, Ooh ooh ooh
We caught up with the entire snag butt
Ooh, Ooh ooh ooh
There's ten,
And Aaron you're I'm giving wing

We are never ever hearing
In that together
Wayne me
Every ever never
Heating back hair

Yugo out to reinstall
To math brands tile domain

But we arm
Never ever ever
Hitting ant kidders

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