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Reisa L. Gerber - Each And Every Expression lyrics

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Each And Every Expression by Reisa L. Gerber

Each and Every Expression
Each and every expression
Will come around again-
And when we held hands, and walked in the mall,
You were so aware of me,
And how my thoughts wake up the dawn.
Such soiled , misgiven thoughts-
Just wondering what my man is doing-
He said, "hey! Hello! How are you?"
I said, "Restless, wanna fly away!"
Wanna fly away with you!
I said, "Sometimes I 'm glad that you can be
In company to say
"I love you" right out loud.
So you can luv your mamaf'
And kiss her 'round that party crowd!"
I have Madonna videos, on my VCR
The one where she rocks those famous people
Rolex watches, moviestars-
And I can hand you some of those,
And tell it to you true-
It's less than awful mind disease,
And more my moods when I'm lovin' you...
Sweet Renoir, and up the hill,
Private glances in the library.
Silly nicknames, la de da
And smiling in the parking lot.
Clinchin' on a sweet gold ring,
and joie de vivre, love is sweet.
The essence of her femme fatale,
And cornflower grins, from ear to ear-
Like a turtledove has wings,
To swim away in the sun...
April showers, running naked,
All around the room (Wild!)
And taxicabs that bring me closer, closer,
baby, to you....
Reisa L. Gerber
Submitted on November 13, 2004

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