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Reisa L. Gerber - My Kiss lyrics

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My Kiss by Reisa L. Gerber

His Kiss
The pretty women like talking trust and love-
In a voice that lwaves me gasping for breath-
It left me staggering and empty
For my poverty stricken wealth
He said, "There were many men who wold have
given anything, to sit there with you!"
Refrain: He said, "Do I have to hear my name
If I wasn't afraid to see you
I do see myself in the mirror
I sleep at night
But I'll tell you this-
Aint no stinkin' man
Worth nothin', honey,
Ever, ever, ever gonna give
His kiss, give me his kiss.
She said,"Everytime I do something, you
Order me around
I guess I'll have to see you back at
The O.K. Coral
Maybe I should stay away
Until you want me to go down
With you
I wish I didn't have to tell you
And ruin your pride
But sometimes, you're a heavy load
To take.

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