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Regnum Umbra Ignis - On The Ecclesiastics Ruins lyrics

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On The Ecclesiastics Ruins by Regnum Umbra Ignis

I shall fight!
With the hordes of the inferno that march to war
Against the true enemies that impose it to our will
Our victory always was conquered with blood
The power is with us… we are the supremacy!
Conquering the world that stole were us
With the weapons enshrined by the eternal fire
Advancing against those that sustain the lie
Spilling by the earth all the hypocrisy… of your dirty blood!
Hail… hail to our pride!
The prides burn the submissive paradise
The strong are those that are under the sign of Satan!
Lords of those lands and guardians of darkness
Destroy the souls that profane with lies
Our honored reign of elevated pagan faith
And the supreme circle will be close with the union
Of the four vast immensities
With the winds of the south and winds of the north!
Recorded with the nine forces of equilibrium
The victory of the soldiers that fight by the triumph
The grand war that carry us to total dominion
By all the dimensions of the macrocosm
Will celebrate the fall of the enemies front our force
On the ecclesiastics ruins of the palace of false light.
Hail… hail to our power
The power that run by ours veins
Anguishing by the superiority of darkness reign!

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