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Regnum Umbra Ignis - Satanized Inner Power lyrics

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Satanized Inner Power by Regnum Umbra Ignis

[Lyric by Deathscythe, Music by Deathscythe]
In my world the forces of madness and of the serenity
Ride running together of me
Constantly tempt me to fall in the slavery abyss
With yours pleasures and pains...
So I use it like arms to my conquests
Can*lizing who run insane
In me in quest of domain.
In my journey I learn with the time that reveal
Like the warriors are defeats by the exhaustion
And fall in front his cause and surrender to destiny.
They don't know who did conquest across the battles
And unknown the reason of his pride.
The I'll privilege of rest absorb his quintessence
And your defeat soul by yourself to fade away with your decadence.
The inner force imprudently used turn it weakness
And back to yourself like his worst enemy
Is like to feel the infernals cuts of thousand scythes on flesh
Punishing your ignorance.
Looking the empty on the eyes of the cowards I see
A great union's circle among greats hypocrites
Fighting among yourself to be lords of the emptiness world
In my world in conflict with the your I see
The end of your sick journey and your despair to know
That all time lost searching who was inside yourself.
The quest of the key to unveil the mysteries
Is useless if you unknown where to quest.
The keys are spreads by the macrocosm and many are false.
However, the oracle of power and of wisdom are inside of us
And this is the power's essence!!!
The freedom slave who unknown to be free
And hide the fetters of imprudence.
Those who really are free don't needs to show that are!
In my destiny I am the blaster havoc on the scoria
And bloody tears of the angel's yoke fall by me
In the abyss of envy!
'Cause I feel in my essence the satanized inner power!!!

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