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Regnum Umbra Ignis - Awakening Spirit lyrics

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Awakening Spirit by Regnum Umbra Ignis

Like a bleeding comet that carry strength and fire
Cut off the cosmos and revealing the true verb
Ransoming the liberty´s essence
The purity lost in time.
Ssawia whispers words that awake the spirit
And open the gates to total liberty
Where the supreme light reign… the imperial light
The slavery chains are broken to the worthy regal lords
And to the shapeds with the slavery… are eternal
The awake of spirit cause rebellion
In the macro and in the microcosm
And this is the essence of the strength and the war
With the enshrined arms by Lucifer
I shall spill the ignorance blood´s eternal
And shall meet Thy arcane kingdom
I am the son from your existence
And warrior that fight by Thee
Through of Thy light we can see
Where are hidden the fear and the madness of ours enemies.
The imprudence always shall be the fall of the weak
They are on the cowardice pillars
And I am front of the strong altar´s
Father! I summon thee
My spirit is awake to the truth
And I walk proud in the way of the strong!

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