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Regnum Umbra Ignis - The Moonfog Realm´s lyrics

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The Moonfog Realm´s by Regnum Umbra Ignis

Moon… mirror of the human desires
Inspired of the majestics wins
Under yours cold view you contemplated
Immemorials battles of the time´s begin
Moon… eternally following the knight errant
(by the cursed lands)
Always searching yours black mysteries
That the ancients lords and warriors carried in themselves.
The fog that came from triumphant night
Bring to my realms the dark dawn
That spread by all horizon until the rocky mountains
By where stretch the battlefields
The damned daylight traverse and burning the welkin
Reflecting in my face the ultimate trail of conquisted battle
But that light don´t consume the ice where live my being
And don´t seduce my soul steeped by glorious warlike blood.
In the ceremonial circle all look the beauty of burning scoria
The invaders of our land supplicate by your dead lord
The night is contemplated with a beauty vision… heat incandescent…
Of symbol raised of ecclesiastic weakness
Falling under ours looks and our power!
The offering gave to the lord of fire and shadows
Is the prove of our loyalty in this moment
To fallen angel that teach us to search the true
We march under the moonfog realm´s!

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