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Reading Rainbow - Warpath lyrics

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Warpath by Reading Rainbow

Come step your Foot inside my Gravitron
Why you think Toyota calls them Avalons?
Modern day Persians
Wielding DNA from Babylon
I Train and Trek kilometers
Surviving Always at it
Electronic Voice Phenomena
Cutting through Static
Peep the Micro Tapes
The Truth is that the Truth Remain elusive
And tell me why they always label truth as Inconclusive
I am Far from stupid
And getting Close as hell to Masterful
Knowledge in my Rhymes Abundant
Bring it by the basketful
Super Dope Fantastical
My Radical approaches
And Does
What Exterminators do to Cockroaches
To these Faulty Leaders
They die in Sinai
Inside of Cedar
As the Rooster crows Three times Beside of Peter
Deep down inside they Cheaters
Deep down inside they fakes
Under they Epidermal there's Scales
That resemble that of Snakes
Feel it as the Planet Shakes
We the Cells upon the Crust
Microbial like in Scope
Tiny Homo Sapien Dust

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