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Reading Rainbow - Rayo Azul lyrics

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Rayo Azul by Reading Rainbow

Pope and Obama
Obama Pope talk the Quickening
Project Blue Beam Plot
Deception is Thickening
Falsification of Information as they Lying
With Protocols passed down
From the Elders of Zion
Precise located Earthquakes
Created Artificially
Will shake the Foundations
Of religious Doctrines Superficially
They Want to Get us All to believe
In One Global Faith
Beware the Light shows scaring Us
Are Holographic Fakes
There's satellites in Orbit
Projecting images with Lazer's
As Extremely Low Frequencies
Are Waking all your Neighbors
All Religious figures Buggin
Cuz their Faith was Misinterpreted
Especially In the Beginning
Changing what the Serpent did
Mythological, Archeological
Artifacts are Discovered
As a Three Dimensional
Holographic Mothership Hover
Electronic Universal Supernatural Manifestations seem
As An imminent Alien invasion
Rapture like dream
They Will tap into our Brains
Interlaced and Interweaving
Astonishing the Masses with
They images Deceiving
Loral Electrical Optical Systems
Outside of Pasadena
Have a mind Control Program
That'll change Up your Demeanor
French Canadian journalist
Murdered Him for Disclosure
They Claimed he had a Heart Attack
Lying and kept Composure
When the Moon is in the Seventh House
And Jupiter aligns with Mars
Peace and Love will guide the planet
As We learn to Steer the Stars
Regionalism on the State
Socialism Modern crisis
Age of Aquarius
Will not Be like the Age of Pisces
Welcome to the Cult of Man
Universal Membership
When they Done with All of Us
Aint no one Gon remember shit
National Identities will no longer
Be Commonplace
It no Longer matters
Who you Vote for or you Nominate
A new World Messiah
In a New World Paradise
With half a Billion People Killed for Satan
As the Sacrifice
Christian Children wrapped in Black
Ceremonial Garb
As Prisoners are used
As Guinea Pigs
Walking the Yard
Communication equipment which can make
The Blind See.
Neuro Muscular system to
The Brain Live Feed
Total social Control for sho'
That Just Go to Show
Low Intensity Conflict Modern Telepathic Blows
Any way It Goes we, Go Foreman of the Rumor Mill
Laboratories in Los Alamos
Quicker Than Tumors Kill
Dictating, hating, waiting
Creatures of a Common Thread
Globally we'll here The Voices
Broadcasting inside our Heads
Sound effects appearing To come
From the Open Sky
Astonished Followers of Many Creeds
Ready to Die
Sodium Layer Ready the Sky
Like a screen Ready to go
Ready to Glow
Behold Below theirs rows of Joe's
Who Know it's come to Blows
With Those
That came To be the Rulers
Of the Whole Planeta
Me Caguesten en La Madre
Sin Puneta
Respeta Respeto
No sea Tan Bruto
Que yo Soy De Puerto Rico
Y En Espanol
Tambien Le Meto
Soy la Bestia
Simplemente vine'
Para Hablar Verdades
No se lleven Por Las
Creaturas que Anden en Nave
Ante que yo Acabe
Yo lo quiero que tu me escuches
Que Govierno de los Estados Unidos
Esta lleno Bullshit
Lo que Sucede es lo Siguinte
Le Mienten a La Gente
Para obtener Poder Global
Robarle to Las Mentes
A Estos Pobre Infelices
Que no Saben casi Nada
Desde Chikitito a mi
Todas estas Cosas me Fasinaban
Quidao a quien tu Le Alava
Que Dios te Bendiga Amen
Religioso, Furioso, Pa Poso
Pika el Comejen
Soy La Vivora activa
Venenosa Cuando escupo
Que Es La Prensa que nos Tiene
A Todos como Un Bonche Brutos
Pronto van a estar de Luto
Me destaco Con mi Arte
La Nasa ya Encontrado Ruinas
En Planeta Marte
Siempre ay Algo que te Falte
Vienen a Pikarte el Canto
Debajo De la Carne humana
Paresen Lagartos
Estos Seres son Los Que Dominan
Dictan la Politka
La situacion esta bien mala
Es mas Se puso Critica
Olvidate de Psychica
Despojo de Botanica
Agentes De la FEMA
Con sus Semi Automaticas
Estan Listos para Acribillar
Borar le to Las Caras
Sin Compasion Ninguna
Viene El juego de Baraja
Carajalo Por el Rabo
Carajo estos Fucking Chavos
Son los que Tienen Las Gente
Trabajando Como Esclavos
Somos Mucho
Y ellos Poco se Te va Fundir el Foco
Cuando Pelen ese Coco
Entonce Dimen que Estoy Loco
Por Ahora alme Caso
No me Canso ni me Undo
Que solamente
Faltan Momentitos Pal Final De el Mundo

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