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Reading Rainbow - Battle Ground lyrics

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Battle Ground by Reading Rainbow

In the Hundred Trillion Cells
That Constitute your Beef Parts
You couldn't muster one against Me
Lyrically you Retards
Enter Hyper Space
Exploring the spaces inside your Minds Eye
Where Three Dimensional Tetrahedrons
Take off and Fly By
My brain is Contracting
It's Sensory Center Activates
Protoplasmic fibers extending to Help it Calculate
Beware of the Succubus souls
That Drain your Life Force
On a White Horse
The Skeleton Pale
Walk toward the Light Source
Your Frantically searching for Something
To Bring you Peace of Mind
The Blind lead the Blind
You will find the Divine
Is Intertwined
Extra Sensory Perceiving Positron Emission Region
To the Non Believing Collegians
The Earths a Cage for Breeding
We Superseded our Predecessors despite the Pressure
There's always Parasites that latch on
When the Rhymes are Fresher
By Every measure of the Word
Abduct your Brain Waves
Your nothing more than a chained up Slave
In the Space Age

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