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Reading Rainbow - Ashtar Command lyrics

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Ashtar Command by Reading Rainbow

Now we Come to the Magickal Circle
Stare in the Black Mirror
Lesser Banishings at the Ritual of the Middle Pillar
Blood Coagulates and resumes to turn Goo Like
Poisonous the Strike of a Serpent
That Kill in Two Bites
Make Two Rights
Transcending the Physical going Deeper
Astral Accelerator Device, Band sweeper
Feeling Overwhelmed
Your Mind isn't Ready for you to Leave this Realm
Earthly vessel Interdimensional Beings
That take the Helm, Are Caught on Film
Voices from Beyond so many E.V.P.'s
Record the Ambient sound of a Room
Convert to MP3 and Play it Back
Voices that Communicate through Garbled Speech
Black and White the Checkerboard Sand
As you Walk the Marble Beach
There's been a Breech
Escape and Seek the Sanctum of a Higher Plane
Entities with Lower Vibrations will Often Fuel the Flame
It's Not a Game
I came upon a Garden with a Fork In Path
Time running Backwards it's Opposite through the Looking Glass
At Level 1 you far Beyond and Reaching the Horizon
The Ultimate Ensemble Hypothesis Theory thriving
Compubility Abilites
Your Doppleganger Counterparts
Supreme Beings Microlithic Tools Were Found in Zanzibar

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