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Hillbilly Happy Smash Lyrics

by Psychefunkapus


Hillbilly Happy Smash Song Lyrics

Hillbilly Happy Smash by Psychefunkapus

(J. Martinez/Psyechefunkapus)
Bow to your partner, grab 'em by the arm
Get prepared to cause him harm
Spin, spin, spin 'em all around, spin 'em all around
Till hehits the ground
Pick him back up and do it some more
Throw 'em in the air and clear the floor
Pick up that empty bottle of beer, smash it over the head
Of the bar man there
If he starts bleeding don't you run
Don't you run 'cause it's all in fun!
Grab your partner, make her stare
Strip on down to your underwear
If she leaves don't you care
Take a little step and savoir faire
Run over there, grab someone, throw him in the pit
And join the fun
Hit your head up on the satage, get into the pit and
Start to rage
Don't you worry if you want to get laid
All you gotta do is promenade
This here's the Hillbilly Happy Smash! Originated in West
Marin, California. It's real easy to do
Now you're feeling good and sloshed, get into the pit and
Start to mosh
Mosh, mosh, spin it all around
"Roud and around and around and around
'Round and around and around and around and around and around
Around and around , 'round and around and around and around and
Around and around and around
If yo uget dizzy don't you stress
Barf on your partner's brand new dress
Here come the bouncers four by four
Tryin' hard to get to the middle of the floor
Dip, dive, step and steer
Don't let the mtherfuckers get too near
Jump on their backs and hit 'em on the head
Hit 'em on the head till their faces turn red
Forget about what I said before, grab your
Shit and head for the door
And if you just have gotten your thrills
Get into your car and head for the hills
Head for the hills...

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